From The Coast of South Africa to The Streets of London

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.

Birthed in the little wine town of Stellenbosch, my Freedom of Movement (FOMs) sneakers became my favourite pair of shoes. They host an off-white leather exterior, cork-like colour finishes and comfort could match an orthopaedic mattress.

Initially my FOMs didn’t take me anywhere remotely exciting. They only graced work, church and outings I knew wouldn’t get them dirty.

Side note, I’m absolutely pedantic when it comes to my shoes. I place a high value on shoes. Someone once told me that there are three things in life you shouldn’t mess around with when it comes to looking after yourself:

  1. A good bed
  2. A good pillow
  3. A good pair of shoes

A few years ago, I tore a tendon in my foot which led to doctors discovering I had an extra bone in my foot. To cut a long story short, I order to repair the tendon, the bone had to be removed. This required weeks and months of rehabilitation. My doctor and physiotherapist drilled into me the importance of having good quality shoes.

So, now I invest in the right shoes and most of the time they cost me an arm and a bone in my foot. I have become pedantic because I want them last. I can’t afford to buy good shoes every month. This isn’t Preachers n’ Sneakers you know.

But 2022 changed the game. My FOMs would take me on an adventure that would see them accumulate the dirt they so deserved. They have taken me from the sunny coast of Durban, South Africa all the way to the streets of Shoreditch, in London. Not only do they call London home now but they have made some appearances in Edinburgh Castle and Malaga.

These shoes have been too good to me. I haven’t worn them as much of late because I’ve been sucked into the Nike Air Force 1 way of life (which are incredible and absolutely loving them). But I do occasionally bust them out for a trip when I’m worried my Nikes may end up with too much dirt on them.

A Freedom of Movement shop just opened in London and I may be tempted to get another pair one day to take me somewhere I’ve never gone before.


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