What Bores You?

What bores you? I absolutely love football, especially the Premier League (PL) and Fantasy Premier League. I wait with much anticipation for when my team, Arsenal, have a match. I’m even more excited when the PL conjures up a double game week where they get to play twice in one week! Since moving to London […]


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The Fiery Dragon

What is your favorite drink? I remember my first time trying this new drink that had hit the shelves of South Africa. It wasn’t what I’d call a ‘commercial’ drink. Well it may be now… But at the time one had to search the right shops to find this very specific drink. In South Africa […]

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Budgeting in Britain

Write about your approach to budgeting. I walk towards it with caution… Kidding, not kidding. Budgeting can be really scary. But I remember doing a course called Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey and one of the lessons he teaches is (and I loosely paraphrase): Tithe 10% (give to God your first fruits/tenth-part), save 10% […]

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The Crisp Thief

Have you ever broken the law and didn’t get caught, if so how? It was on a routine trip home after cricket practice when I asked my dad to stop for a bag of crisps. I was on the hunt to complete my Pokemon tazzo (round poker-looking chips with a Pokemon on it) collection. Each […]

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How To Help My Relationship

I was sitting at a cafe with my wife when I overheard two ladies talking at a table nearby. From what I could hear, she was complaining about something that had to do with her boyfriend/husband. And her friend was just talking her up saying things like: You’re right You deserve better I agree This […]

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